Newsletter - September 2018 to November 2018

Newsletter August 2018

Message From The Manse

Dear All,

September marks the beginning of our Church / Connexional year. Refreshed by the summer break we feel ready to get back to what God has called followers of his Son Jesus to do.  Through this message, my first for West Horsley Methodist Church, I would like to mention and reflect on an important aspect of following Jesus i.e. the call to ‘Be Church’ for one another.  A wise follower of Jesus once said, ‘We will never change anyone’s life by going to church. We will only change lives by being church.’  From this statement a fairly logical question arises, what does it mean for us to ‘Be Church’ for one another?  Here are some thoughts that are signs of that, and of our personal responsibilities toward our Church:

Be Present: We cannot ‘Be Church’ if we do not come together in worship regularly.  Though we have free will, the reality is that we have to be in Church with one another, in order to continue in our relationship and service to Christ and one another and the community in which we live and work.

Be Responsible: As followers of Christ we are responsible for our service to Christ and to his body, the Church.  We should not have to be reminded that, as members of the body of Christ, we have pledged ourselves to Christ and to one another.  We are here to labour in community as we share the love of Christ and minister to our world.

Be Enthusiastic: The word ‘enthusiasm’ comes from the Greek ‘en-theos’ – to be filled with God.  When the Spirit of Christ fills our life then we are joyful, excited and motivated to serve Christ and others.  Let’s each of us make sure that we are letting Christ’s grace, love and forgiveness flow in and through us.

Be Loving: Jesus said that love was the central, identifying factor of his followers.  It is my belief that what attracts people to any Church is a sense of the love that a faith community holds for one another, and for the ‘outsiders’.  People do not need to be told that they are sinners – they already know that.  All people need to be told is that God loved the world so much, that he gave his Son Jesus to die for them, and that this love is readily available to them.

Be Praying: Each of us needs to be praying regularly for one another, asking God to show us how we can help, encourage, support and enable one another to grow in love and grace.  If we are listening to what the Spirit is saying to us today then we will see the Spirit’s leading in and through all of us.

I’m really looking forward to working with you and hope and pray that the Church Year 2018/19 provides us fresh and meaningful opportunities to ‘Be Church’  and raise the Name of Christ high.

Every blessing in Christ Jesus,

Asif Das

September 2018


Church News

The Bible Study Group will be starting a new study topic in September.  Please let Heather know if you have any suggestions for this topic.

House Group meets at Ruth Isaac’s home at 7.00 on the fourth Tuesday of the month.  The next meetings will be on 25th September, when Rev Paul Hulme will be with us, 23rd October and27th November.

Occasional lunches.  The next Occasional lunch will be on Thursday 4th October.  Please let your friends know about this event.  Meanwhile, the Thursday Coffee mornings continue weekly, so please come and join us for company and a natter. 

Harvest season is almost upon us, and this year we will be using “Let your light shine” - All We Can’s Harvest Appeal 2018.  Join us on Sunday 23rd Sept to celebrate how God’s gift of light has the power to transform lives and see how communities in southern Malawi are overcoming failed harvests with the introduction of solar powered irrigation.  This will be followed by a Harvest Lunch.

Church Charity

We have been raising money for SANDS for the last two years and, so far have raised over £700.  We shall be considering a new charity at our church council meeting in October, so please come forward with ideas.

Some of our friends from the U3A Cycling Group chose SANDS as their charity when they rode in the recent Ride 100 London Cycle event.  They raised the magnificent sum of £16,000 –congratulations.



Local News

Spiritual Cinema is held at St Martin’s, East Horsley.  A chance to watch and discuss a thought provoking film. 

West Horsley in Bloom Competition

Congratulations to all those who achieved successes in the recent Competition-:

  • Ted and Liz for a Silver Award for the tubs outside the Chapel and an award for the containers in their own garden,
  • Celia for winning the Chapman Cup for her vegetable garden
  • Neil Conisbee for the Roxburgh Cup for the best overall garden, having won Gold for his back garden, Silver Gilt for the front and Gold for the vegetable garden.  This garden formerly belonged to Stan and Renee Denew.




Next CTHO meeting planned for Oct.10th Wed. 11.30 at St Martin's.

Several of the Anglicans meet for communion on a Wednesday at St Martin's and follow it by a coffee.  So a meeting is planned to follow this. All are very welcome to share in the Communion at 10.00 and coffee before the meeting.  This will be an open meeting for all who have interest in ecumenical matters.


Around the Circuit

We are pleased to welcome our new Superintendent, Rev Keith Beckingham and a new Probationer, Rev Sydney Samuel Lake, who will be joining our Circuit in September.  Their Welcome Service will take place at 6.30pm on Sunday 2nd September at Walton Methodist Church.

Rev Keith Beckingham has been Superintendent of the Brownhills & Willenhall Circuit, in the West Midlands, since 2014.  This followed appointments in the Christchurch, Lymington and Wimborne Circuits.  Previously, he served for 16 years in the Swinton and Chorley Circuits.  Keith was a Salvation Army officer before transferring to the Methodist Church.  His wife, Hilary, was also a Salvation Army officer and they have a grown up family living in Hampshire and South Yorkshire.

Rev Sydney Samuel Lake, will have patoral oversight for Walton, Weybridge and Addlestone churches. Prior to his ministry he studied Accountancy and worked as a Management Accountant in the public sector, particularly Local Authorities.  His wife, Hawa, is a qualified social worker and they have two children, Sydney David and Grace Samuella.

Heritage Weekend – Guildford, St Mary’s will be open from 10.00-16.00 on 13th – 15th September and on Sunday 16th from 12.00-16.00.  Photographic exhibition and refreshments.

Circuit Mission DayBuild Your Church led by Rev Adrian Roux.  At Byfleet Church on 6th October from 10.00-16.00.

Advent Reflections at Guildford, St Mary’s starting on Thursday 29th November at 12.15 for 12.30, followed by bread and soup lunch.  This year’s theme is “Waiting”.

Prayer Training – 14th October at Merrow Church, with three sections – Theology of Prayer, Prayers with children and Young people, Prayers with small groups.

The Big Read

Linda Weedon is suggesting that we celebrate the second, third and fourth anniversaries of the circuit by reading the entire Bible from cover to cover, one chapter a day.  Commencing on 1st September 2018 this will keep us all busy until 2nd December 2021.

So please join her in this long term act of worship. You will be able to join in from the comfort of your home, at whatever time of the day/evening/night suits your life style and commitments.  You could read the chapter by yourself or with a family member or with a friend.

The Circuit Prayer Diary, compiled by Claire Hargreaves, can be found on

Here is a sample for first week of September

Sat 1st       Pray for the start of the Big Read of the Bible and give thanks for the scriptures

Sun 2nd     Pray for God's light and presence in Sunday worship and the Circuit Welcome Service at 6.30

Mon 3rd   Pray for Cranleigh Methodist Church's redevelopment and vision for the future

Tues 4th    Pray for the Circuit Superintendent Reverend Keith Beckingham and his family

Wed 5th    Pray for all children preparing for a new school year

Thurs 6th  Give thanks for the outreach of West Horsley's coffee morning

Fri 7th       Praise the Lord for the beauty of nature

Sat 8th      Pray for good fellowship for all those attending coffee mornings at Addlestone and Byfleet

Sun 9th     On Education Sunday pray for teachers and school governors

The Christian Resources Exhibition is the largest annual event of its kind in Europe.  This year the CRE is at Sandown Park, Esher from 16th-18th October 2018.  For more information you can find details at their website.  Tickets are £8 on the door, or £4 beforehand via the website.  However, you can get FREE tickets via this link.

Conference News

The annual Methodist Conference took place in Nottingham from 28 June to 5 July, with the Revd Michaela Youngson inducted as President and Mr Bala Gnanapragasam as Vice-President.  The President chose ‘Radical Grace’ as the theme for her address, and the Vice-President explored ‘Transforming Hope’.

Five deacons and thirty-eight presbyters were received into Full Connexion on Sunday morning during Conference Worship, along with four presbyters by transfer.

The Conference designated the Revd Dr Barbara C Glasson to be the President for 2019/2020, and Professor Clive Marsh to be the Vice-President.


The Work of God in This Place by the Methodist Church

John Wesley often asked: “What is the state of the work of God in this place?” 

This resource, of short prayers and reflections aims to provide some support to those who chair meetings to encourage God-centred gatherings. 


Dates for your Diary


Sunday 2nd        6.30              Circuit Welcome Service for Rev Keith Beckingham and Rev Sydney Samuel Lake at Walton

Sunday 23rd      10.30             Harvest Celebration with lunch

Thursday 24th                         Circuit Meeting at Woking

Tuesday 25th     7.00              House Group with Paul Hulme


Thursday 4th    12.15              Occasional Lunch

Saturday 6th 10.00-16.00       Circuit Mission Day at Byfleet

Sunday 14th                            Circuit Prayer Training

Tuesday 23rd    7.00              House Group

Sunday 28th     10.30              Methodist Homes Sunday

Wednesday 31st 3.00             Church Council Meeting


Tuesday 27th      7.00             House Group



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