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Dear Friends,

The ‘Incarnation’ is the true reason why we celebrate Christmas, from the Latin ‘incarnare’ meaning to ‘make flesh’.  In John 1:14a (NIV), the Apostle describes this in these words, ‘The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.’  The ‘Incarnation’ is the most wonderful gift ever given to humankind.  It is the gift from a loving God to each one of us, a gift we receive not only on Christmas day but every day of every year.  Through this gift God became flesh, took on our nature and shared in our humanity. Jesus Christ is the Incarnation.  He is ‘Immanuel’ which means ‘God with us’. (Matthew 1:23 NIV)

This is the awesome wonder, mystery and miracle, a Bethlehem birth among the hill country of Judea that is still changing and shaping our world.  The Incarnation reveals God’s love for each one of us.  The coming of Jesus, his death and resurrection, has healed the relationship between humankind and God.

The Incarnation confirms the God who shares in our lives, who understands our strengths and weaknesses, joys and sorrows, beliefs and doubts, but who still loves us.  This love of God enables and encourages each one of us to return our love freely and without fear.  Can there ever be a greater gift to give or receive this Christmas?

Christmas is a time for celebrating love and relationships, a time to set aside the busyness of daily living to catch up with family and friends.  Let us also make some real quality time for God this Christmas, enter into the true spirit of the season and receive the gift of the Incarnation; a gift that cannot be bought or sold, only received and given in love.

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas

Asif Das

Church News

Christmas Services and Events

This year’s Advent Carol Praise will be at 7.00 on Saturday 7th December.  Do come and invite your friends to what is a joyous occasion in the preparation for Christmas.

Carol Service                           10.30 on Sunday 22nd December

Christmas Day Service           at 10.00.  Please note the earlier time to enable Asif to get to Merrow for their service.

On Sunday 29th December there will not be a service at our church.  Instead we will be joining Merrow for their service.  Lifts will be available.

Horsley is again holding a Reverse Advent event.  This is an opportunity to donate food and other general supplies for the three local foodbanks.  Contributions may be handed in at many of our local shops or in the box in the Wesley Room.  Final collections will be taken to the Wheelhouse on 14th December.

The Bible Study Group will meet on 9th Dec, January 6th and 20th, February 3rd and  17th.  Claire Hargreaves will be leading an Embrace The Middle East study – Journey to the Cross, starting on Feb 17th.

House Group meets at Ruth Isaac’s home at 7.00 on the fourth Tuesday of the month – 28th January, when we will be discussing the Methodist Church report “God in Love Unites Us”, 25th February and 24th March.

Occasional lunches.  The next Occasional lunch will be on Thursday 6th February; please let your friends know the date and encourage them to come to this event.  Meanwhile, the Thursday Coffee mornings continue weekly, so please come and join us for company and a natter, any time from 10.30-12.00. 

The West Horsley Village Fete on Saturday 14th September was a great success.  Our stall attracted a high level of interest.  Many thanks to Graham and his helpers for the organization.


Church Charity - 20p Smartie Tubes

We are currently supporting the Prisoners Education Trust.  Please speak to Jane if you feel able to support this good cause through the Smartie Tubes, especially since the dreadful recent event in London.


Prisoners Education Trust

This is a charity that aims to put learning at the heart of rehabilitation. Founded in 1989, it gives advice and funding to around 3,000 prisoners a year providing educational opportunities for men and women prisoners to make positive changes to their lives.  It also provides funding for art and hobby materials.

Many prisoners have poor literacy skills and little past success in exams, but here are some quotes from those who have benefitted from this charity: "Learning in prison brought a different part of my brain alive."

"I cannot thank the PET enough, nor praise them or extol their virtues highly enough.  You truly are changing lives, one by one. My 4th course!”

"I would like to sincerely thank the Trust for giving me and many others, who wish to educate themselves for a better future, the opportunity to excel, with a renewed energy for success upon release."

With help, the years in prison need not be wasted.  Research has shown that those funded by Prisoners Educational Trust, are less likely to reoffend, and 26% more likely to be in employment a year after release.


Marriage and Relationships

The report of the Marriage and Relationships Task Group (God in Love Unites Us) was commended to the Connexion for study and prayerful discussion.  Provisional resolutions were passed on the qualities of good relating, an understanding of cohabitation, celebration of civil partnerships, prayers following the end of a marriage and permission for same-sex marriages to take place in Methodist Churches.  The report will be discussed at our House Group on Tuesday, 28th January and at a special Church Council meeting on Sunday 16th February. before going to Circuit Meeting and be voted on at District Synod.  A report will be brought to the 2020 Conference based on the responses.

Circuit News

The Circuit Prayer Vigil will take place over the weekend of 18/19 January, the start of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.  Look out for details nearer the timer.

The Circuit Mission Supper will be held on Saturday 29th February at 6.30 at Trinity Church, Woking.  The speaker will be Mr Sam Monaghan, the CEO of MHA, who will talk about the work of Methodist Homes.

New Appointments - At the moment, the ministerial vacancies at Godalming and Woking are still unfilled.  We are hoping to have some news soon.

The Circuit Prayer Diary, compiled by Claire Hargreaves, can be found on


Dates for your Diary


Saturday 7th     7.00    Advent Carol Praise

Monday 9th      2.00    Bible Study in the Wesley Room

Thursday 19th 10.30   “Jolly Christmas” Coffee Morning

Sunday 22nd    10.30   Carol Service

Wednesday 25th 10.00           Christmas Day Service

Sunday 29th     10.30   Service will be at Merrow Methodist Church


Monday 6th      2.00    Bible Study in the Wesley Room

Sunday 19th    10.30    Annual Covenant Service

Monday 20th     2.00   Bible Study in the Wesley Room

Tuesday 28th    7.00    House Group at Ruth’s


Monday 3rd      2.00    Bible Study in the Wesley Room

Thursday 6th   12.15   Occasional Lunch

Monday 17th    2.00    Bible Study in the Wesley Room

Tuesday 25th    7.00    House Group at Ruth’s

Saturday 29th   6.30      Mission Supper at Woking, Mr Sam Monaghan


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