Newsletter - June 2013 to August 2013

Newsletter June 2013 – August 2013


Family News

During the last few months there have been many things to celebrate and feel happy about in our chapel family.

Elsie Wilton, as spry as ever, celebrated her 102nd birthday, her recipe for long life being a contented mind and a supportive family. Ruth Erasmus reached her 90th birthday which she enjoyed  greatly.  We thank them both for being such good role models and may they continue to inspire us for many years to come.  A joyful occasion too was our Chapel Anniversary followed by a delicious meal to which Bob and Heather had generously invited us to celebrate their Ruby Wedding.

Recently, Celia had the idea of having a Village walk, starting at St Mary’s and visiting all the churches in the Horsleys and Ockham, with rest and refreshment kindly provided at each one.  The seasoned walkers even went as far as Effingham.  Between forty and fifty people took part and it was a great opportunity to get to know people from other churches and to cement the fellowship which already exists in our “Churches Together in Horsley and Ockham”.  This was entirely Celia’s brain child; she not only initiated the whole thing but she also did all the organization which made the day an outstanding success.  Our grateful thanks to Celia and all those who helped in many ways. We also send our best wishes to Tim and Rosamond Chapman on the occasion of the Christening of their daughter Sylvana Rose, Celia’s first granddaughter.

David Spackman’s job has taken him to Japan, together with his wife Angie and their children Thomas, Ella-May and Chloe.  They are currently living in Kobe and David’s work centre is in Osaka.  We wish them well as they settle in a new land and hope that the expected two years there will be a wonderful experience for the whole family.  We look forward to hearing further news.  Still thinking of the Spackman family, we congratulate Bob and his U3A companions on completing the Paris cycle ride.

We are always pleased to get news of Tim Hart who has been awarded two months long service leave.  It sounds as though he is going to make the most of this opportunity.  Tim hopes to spend three weeks camping in Alaska, then visiting Edmonton and Calgary, followed by a drive through the Rockies to Vancouver.  He will also visit two of his uncles in Victoria.  We know the love of Rugby in the Hart family and one of the highlights of Tim’s tour will be watching the British Lions playing Australia and, we hope, winning.

We cannot complete the family news without telling you about the great time Katrine had at the wedding of her grandson Michael and Karen.  When it was suggested that after such an exciting day she might want to retire before the evening disco,  Katrine replied ‘No Way’; she proceeded to take to the dance floor and ‘trip the light fantastic’,  greatly to the admiration of her family and friends.

John Lamont has returned to Scotland where he will be officiating at the marriage of his daughter, Gail. We wish John and Florence and their daughter and new son-in-law every blessing and happiness on this special family occasion and we look forward to hearing about it when John returns to us.

Jean Warman asks for our continued prayers as she undergoes a course of medical treatment.  She wishes us to know that she misses us all and sends her love and thanks for our support.  She will let us know when she feels well enough for visitors.



From the Manse                                                                                                        May, 2013

Dear All,

Margaret and I recently went to a conference on groups, talking about ways of being a smaller group within a church – such as a housegroup, prayer group, or bible study group.  All of which we have within our church.

Among the many books and courses recommended at this conference was James Bryan Smith’s book: The Good and Beautiful Life.  A book recommended by our President of Conference, the Revd Dr Mark Wakelin, and quoted in his opening talk.

Dr Wakelin used a quote from John Wesley when asked what he (Wesley) would do with his people:

“You ask, what would I do with them?  I would make them virtuous and happy, easy in themselves, and useful to others. Whither would I lead them?  To heaven, to God the judge, the lover of all, and to Jesus the mediator of the New Covenant. What religion do I preach?  The religion of love.  The law of kindness brought to light by the gospel.  What is this good for?  To make all who receive it [the good news of the gospel] enjoy God and themselves, to make them like God, lovers of all, contented in their lives, and crying out at their death, in calm assurance, “O grave where is thy victory!  Thanks be to God, who giveth me victory, through my Lord Jesus Christ.”

As you may gather from the quote, the conference was about more than useful books and courses, it was about the whole purpose of groups – to enable us to support and encourage one another to live as citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven now, while we wait for the completion of the kingdom in the second coming of Christ.  And it challenged the idea that a group was not worthwhile unless it was large.  Indeed they recommended that the largest group be no larger than a dozen and some kinds of groups no larger than 4 or 8 in order to enable the mutual trust that is essential for people to open their lives to one another.

It was also asserted that to be healthy a group must also be ‘missional’, i.e. looking beyond just the self-interests of its members.  One way in which we often do this is by having a ‘speaker’.  This happens at many of our individual church groups and circuit groups such as Fusion.  And of course we often feel we can’t invite someone to speak unless we make it worth their while with a larger gathering.  Is that true though? Is there no way around this problem?  Now there’s a discussion topic for the next time I am the speaker at our housegroup gathering!

Meanwhile I pray that there will indeed be an increase in our getting together to pray, study, share our experiences, and look outward as we travel together through our part of the Kingdom journey.

My God bless and guide us always,                                                                           Darlene


Worship Leaders’ Course

Recently several of us took the opportunity to attend a worship leaders’ course run in the Wesley Room by the Circuit.

We met fortnightly and were led through a programme compiled by the Family Friendly Churches Trust on “Leading Contemporary Worship”.  The first question posed to us was “What is Worship?” and this led on to sessions on such topics as prayer, music, spiritual gifts and technology.

It is always good to meet and share ideas with others from the Circuit and many of us felt that we gained as much from discussion with our leaders, Rev. Claire Hargreaves and Rev. Allan Taylor, as we did from the prepared material.  It was a privileged opportunity to learn from their experience and be sensitively guided by them through the course.      Heather


The Fairtrade stall that we had in March was a great success and raised over £80.  We are planning to have it again at Harvest time.  Thanks to Sylvia Taylor for selecting and supplying the goods.


Occasional Lunch

We will be providing the next Occasional Lunch on Thursday 20th June at 12.15.

“Round the Churches” Walk

What a splendid day for CTIHO!  A huge thank you to Celia who suggested and devised the route.  Thank you to everyone involved to make it so - the walkers, refreshment ladies, our ministers for making their churches so available, Tony Rogers, the community bus driver and those who came to support. It was a great walk through lovely countryside (how lucky we are to have it on our doorstep).

Some interesting facts, best estimates:

St Mary’s: 39 left walking.  Methodist church: 43 arrived for coffee, 37 left walking.  All Saints, Ockham: 36 walkers arrived, 19 left to walk to St Martin’s.  15 arrived at St Martin’s.  14 people completed the whole walk (St Mary’s to St Martin’s) including Celia Chapman and Heather Spackman.  Total distance covered: about 9 miles.  3 people did the extra leg to OurLady of Sorrows at Effingham.

(With thanks to Ann Masset)

We are very grateful to Jean Bruton for the very interesting display of archive material that she assembled in the Wesley Room for the walkers


Gift Day/Maintenance

Our finances are quite tight this year and will have extra maintenance expenditure.  We will be painting the exterior of the chapel during early July, using local contractor Michael Searle.  Once completed, and after the internal wall has dried out, the damp damage in the rear corner will be addressed at some stage in the future.  In order to fund this work we will be having a Gift Day on Sunday 14th July.


House Group

All meetings start at 7pm at Di Bamber's (Tel. 285372.  We aim to finish, having had refreshments, by 9pm at the latest.

Thursday 30th May:    Lynn McKay: Leading Worship.

Thursday 27th June:    Darlene.

NOTE - This meeting will be at Ruth’s, Manor Farmhouse

Thursday. 25th July:    Janet Gardham.

Thursday. 22nd August:   Linda Cox: Street Angels

Thursday. 26th September:     Darlene.

Thursday. 24th October:         The Number 5 Project


Smartie Tubes and CAP

A gentle reminder that the money collected in the Smartie tubes is currently going to Christians Against Poverty.  This is a charity which gives valuable advice about lifting people out of debt and poverty through a debt help service and money management course, the CAP Money Course. Started in 1996 when John Kirkby gave up his successful career in consumer finance to help people out of misery and poverty associated with unmanageable debt.  It has grown into a national charity with a vision to have a CAP Debt centre, opened in partnership with a local church, in every town and city across the UK. Full tubes should be passed to Jane Francis please.


Jane Seals, the Guildford Centre Manager, reminds us in her May Newsletter that CAP in Guildford is now one year old.

She offers a list of things to give thanks for and things to pray for:

Praise and Thankfulness

For the first Guildford client who became debt free last week

For Mike who has seen his first client as debt coach

For the two new befrienders who volunteered in April

For the past year that has seen CAP successfully established in Guildford

For the many occasions when God provides what clients need, most recently a high chair and stair gates.

Items for prayer:

For the family problems that many clients experience, which make tackling debt more complicated and difficult.

For more befrienders to volunteer.

For Mike as he expands his client base, and for Jane as she faces the ongoing challenges her work involves - new clients are already booked up to the beginning of July.

For clients to respond to the good news of the Gospel.


Circuit News

At the Circuit Leadership Team meeting in February we gave thanks to God for the life and service of Rev. Robert Salmon who had died earlier that day.

Reaction from local Church Councils to the report ‘Moving Forward in the Power of the Spirit’ was discussed at the Circuit Meeting in March.  The recommendations from the Project Team were outlined by the Project Leader, John Nelson.  A vote was taken and it was agreed that there would be no merger of our Circuit with the Woking and Walton Circuit at this time but that the Project Team should continue talks for a further year.  This decision means that Rev. Mike Deacon will not continue in the role of Superintendent following his sabbatical which ends in July.  We are grateful to Rev. Asif Das for agreeing to act as Superintendent until the beginning of September, when the role of Superintendent will be undertaken by Rev. John Hellyer, Chairman of the District.  The Circuit Invitation Committee will prepare a Profile inviting a Superintendent Minister to serve from September 2014.

James Strawson has agreed to stand as a Circuit Steward and his appointment was welcomed and confirmed at the meeting.

Work continues on the merger of our Guildford congregation with that of St. Mary’s in the town centre.  It is a complicated procedure and we are grateful to those who are involved and have given so much of their time to ensure that the correct decisions are being made.  We ask for continued prayers and support for Darlene and the Guildford members.

There have been two of the Face to Face meetings held at Godalming which have been inspirational evenings and well attended by many within our Circuit and from other churches in the area.  We are grateful to Rev. Paul Hulme for organising these meetings.  The next will be on Sunday 23rd June when Paul will be in conversation with Baroness, the Revd Kathleen Richardson.

(Thanks to Linda Macbeth)

Whitechapel Mission

Collection Of Men’s Clothing and Non Perishable Breakfast foods

Tony Miller – Director of the Whitechapel Mission spoke to a large audience at the Missions Supper in March, describing the work of the Whitechapel Mission among homeless people in London.  They have great need of large quantities of serviceable and clean clothing for men, as well as food for serving over 200 breakfasts each day.

The Circuit has decided that we should make a response by having a collection of these items.  This has been arranged to enable each church to make its own local arrangements, and to have a central collection point at Shalford Church open at four times in June and July to enable local accumulations to be cleared quickly.  Tony will collect everything from Shalfordon 11 July at 11am.

We will have a box at the Chapel for any donations to take to Shalford.  Please bring any items you can to help support this worthwhile cause.

Paul Hulme is taking a group to visit the Whitechapel Mission on Thursday 4th July; please let Margaret know if you are interested.



The next speaker at FUSION will be the Revd Asif Das “What shaped my Christian faith” at Guildford Methodist Church, 7.30 for 8pm, on Wednesday 26th June.  There will then be a break until 25th September.


Horsley to Paris Cycle ride

After several months of planning by Richard Deighton, and increasing anticipation and trepidation by the participants, seven riders and two support cars left Horsley on 9th May bound for Paris via the Newhaven - Dieppe ferry crossing.  We enjoyed a tremendous send off from many people before attacking the North Downs and later the South Downs en route for Newhaven.  The weather was sunny although we experienced head winds at times.  Morning coffee, lunch and afternoon tea featured each day in order to top up the calories to fund the energy being exerted.  The first day’s ride was 57 miles long and we were glad to arrive as the traffic was not always considerate to cyclists. Friday morning saw us catch the ferry and enjoy a calm crossing before a fine 30 mile long ride in the afternoon along a sports track constructed by tarmacing over a disused railway line.  The surface was incredibly smooth and we flew along.  A family hotel in Forges - les-Eaux provided simple accommodation, but importantly excellent food and service.  We slept well and the following day set off, after mending a puncture, on the longest day, a ride of 69 miles.  The scenery was almost English until we went through towns and villages where the French architecture was so distinct.  Patisseries were sought for croissants etc, and rusty French brought into use.  That night saw us on the banks of the Seine, tired but happy.  We met other groups that day either also going to Paris or returning from Paris, it is a popular ride it seems.  The last day, Sunday 12th, after an easy ride and excellent lunch in the grounds of the Versailles Palace, saw us at the Eiffel Tower by mid afternoon with nearly 200 miles behind us.  Many photographs of the successful group (ee photo opposite) were taken and due thanks given to our support team.  In the evening we had a superb meal in delightful surroundings where discussion centred on next year’s ride!  After sleeping well we drove back to Dieppe and onwards to Horsley arriving late in the evening. It was a thoroughly enjoyable trip!


Dates for your Diary


Monday 3rd        2.00    Bible Study at Di Bamber’s

Tuesday 4th       7.30   Safeguarding training at Merrow

Sunday 9th         6.30   Songs of Praise Evening Service at Merrow

Monday 17th      2.00    Bible Study at Di Bamber’s

Thursday 20th 12.15    “Occassional” Lunch

Sunday 23rd      6.30    Face to Face with Revd Kathleen Richardson at Godalming

Wednesday 26th 7.30 FUSION at Guildford: Rev Asif Das

Thursday 27th   7.00   House Group at Ruth Isaac’s: Darlene McCarley


Monday 1st        2.00     Bible Study in Wesley Room

Thursday 4th                Visit to Whitechapel Mission

Thursday 11h    7.30    Circuit Meeting at Guildford/Merrow

Sunday 14th                  Gift Day

Monday 15th    2.00   Bible Study

Thursday 25th   7.00    House Group: Linda Cox Guildford Street Angels

Monday 29th    2.00     Bible Study


Monday 12th     2.00      Bible Study

Thursday 29th  7.00     House Group at Di Bamber’s


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