Newsletter - June 2016 to August 2016

Newsletter June 2016 - August 2016

Message from our Minister                 Summer 2016

Dear all

As well as marking significant religious festivals such as Christmas, Easter and Pentecost, the church year is punctuated by various “special Sundays” some of which are particular to Methodism.  For example, in the coming quarter, Methodist Homes Sunday is 12th June and Action for Children Sunday is July 10th.  The dates for celebrating these Methodist Charities are not rigid, but serve as reminders to us to pray for and recognise this work.

On a more general level, there are two saints’ days that have caught my attention – Barnabas on 11th June and Bartholomew on August 24th. There are others commemorated in the next few months but Barnabas and Bartholomew are not so well known.  While the Methodist Church does not observe saints’ days especially, it is instructive to find out why these men are revered as saints.

Barnabas was an early church apostle of the 1st century, not one of the original 12 disciples but a prominent early Christian much mentioned in the Book of Acts.  He was a Jewish Cypriot, a Levite, and a missionary companion of the apostle Paul.  He and Paul quarrelled which resulted in them separating during Paul’s first missionary journey.  Barnabas returned to Cyprus to continue evangelising there. Legend claims that he was martyred for his faith at Salamis in 61AD.

Bartholomew was named in the Gospels, also being called Nathanael. Nothing very much is actually known of his life but Roman records suggest he took the good news to India and Armenia and that he was martyred at Derbend on the Caspian Sea.  Strong tradition persists about the manner of his death, that he was flayed alive before being beheaded.  By association with this, Bartholomew is regarded as the patron saint of tanners and all those who work with skins!

Soon it will be school holidays and perhaps you are looking forward to going away, travelling to far flung places like Barnabas and Bartholomew, or a seaside town in the UK.  Or perhaps you are just planning to enjoy the English summer where you are, here in this lovely Surrey countryside.  Whatever you are doing and wherever you go, God will be with you.  As you meet neighbours and strangers on holiday, I hope you will find the opportunity to share the love of Christ with them, as the saints above did in foreign lands.  Surely you will not suffer their fate!  At the most a bemused smile perhaps!

Other notable dates in the next few months include World Refugee Day on 20th June.  You are invited to a fundraising tea party on Sunday 12th June 3-5pm at Claire and Mark Hargreaves’ house, Warren Farm House, Warren Road, Guildford GU1 2HF to support the work of another Methodist Charity, All We Can, with Syrian refugees in Jordan.  Do come if you can (to book a place either rsvp to: or sign up on the list in the Wesley Room) and enjoy tea in an English garden.  There will be a marquee to provide shelter if it rains!

God bless you all.                                            Claire Hargreaves


Family News

Our thoughts and prayers are very much with the Issac family at the moment following the death of Ruth's husband, Jim, after a very long illness.  Ruth has coped for many difficult years with her usual quiet fortitude and it was fitting that the celebration of Jim's life, which took place recently was such an uplifting, joyous occasion.  Devised by the family and led by Claire, it was full of poetry, prayer, song and smiles. The church looked beautiful thanks to Jean Stephenson's amazing floral arrangement and the refreshments afterwards, generously provided by the family, with a little help from Marks and Spencer, gave us all a chance to better get to know Ruth's remarkable family.

Food and Fellowship could have been our theme during the last three months.  As well as the March occasional lunch, the church entertained Rev Gareth Powell, secretary of the Methodist Conference to lunch when he came to preach on the occasion of our 140th Chapel Anniversary.  This followed a successful Songs of Praise evening where, as usual, the singing was enthusiastic, the tea was hot and the sandwiches and cakes demolished in short order.  I think it appropriate here to sing the praises of the back room team who, on so many occasions, bake, cook, make and serve tea and coffee and ensure that the washing-up is done and everything is shipshape in the kitchen.  A huge "thank you" to you all. You know who you are!

The team was on duty again on Saturday 14th May when, following a successful walk round the churches, CTHO gathered in our Wesley Room for refreshments followed by the unity service, led by Claire.  This was a very friendly afternoon and the walkers, though footsore, obviously enjoyed it.

Turning to other matters, Elsie Wilton celebrated her 105th birthday in April and church members continue to visit her in Dene Place.

We said goodbye to Siennah, who came to our church when work commitments allowed.  She had lodged for a few years with Celia and, having retired from Dene Place, has returned to her native South Africa to be with her family

We extend a very warm welcome to Coral Davis who is currently living in Mount Pleasant and worshipped previously in Woking. We hope you feel at home, Coral, in our little church.

Darlene, who led a lovely Mothering Sunday service, will be with us again on 28th August.

Janet emailed me with the news that Catrina started her GCSE exams on May 12th and, as well as enjoying singing and drama, is about to start a job in the kitchens/restaurant of the Barley Mow.  Please pop in and say hello if you are in there on a Friday or Saturday evening.  Robbie is now taller than Janet, which he loves, and continues to be very sporty.  He plays for Horsley and Send Cricket Club, Horsley Football Club and various teams at his school, the Howard of Effingham.  Guy and Graham share in running the Horsley team and now that the football season is over, both Graham and Janet hope to be in church together again and look forward to seeing us all.

Finally, we think about and pray for all those, including Catrina, who are preparing for and taking public exams this year.  It is a stressful time whether you are a student, a teacher, a parent or a grandparent.  We wish all involved well and hope that all the hard work comes to fruition.

News from the Archive-2016

I am now busy checking what we have in the Archive so that we can mount interesting displays this year to celebrate our 140th anniversary.  We have recently received two very interesting additions to our collection.

Geoff Willott has found a photograph, probably from the early sixties, of his father Horace seated at the organ at a Harvest Festival service. [Horace Willott was sole organist at the Chapel for many years playing for both of the Sunday services until Geoff, then aged 16 became his deputy. Geoff recently wrote an interesting letter about his father for the Summer 2015 edition of “Around and About Horsley”] The organ was a manual organ made by the Canadian Company – Bell Piano and Organ. In the photograph we can see the old pews and that the organ was at the front, to the side of the pulpit and in full view of the congregation.

The lady [front left of the photo] wearing a green hat is Miss Florence Bickerton, fondly remembered by Ruth as “Bicky”.  We are not sure who the minister is or the other members of the congregation are, but the photo does give us the atmosphere of the service and an interesting comparison with how we now celebrate Harvest.

On another subject, you may have recently noticed on the Chapel wall a rather lovely banner made by Doris Wheatley for the Millennium. The inspiration for this came from Doris and it was based on three texts:

The Rainbow – Genesis Ch. 9 vv14-16     God’s Covenant with Man

The Cross – John Ch. 3 vv16-17     “God so loved”

The Light of the World - Mathew Ch. 3 vv 14-16    “You are the Light of the World”

Doris did most of the sewing herself with help from Joan Pratt who also advised on colours. It was lovely to have this banner for our Christmas services and very appropriate for the Covenant Service. If there are any more hidden treasures lurking in cupboards they would be very welcome additions to the archive.

Jean Bruton

Heritage Days 10/11 September

Jean Bruton is preparing a display of archive material about the chapel for display over the Heritage weekend in September.  We are so lucky that Jean is willing to take on our church archives in such an enthusiastic way.

Cafe Church – what is it?

Cafe church is an alternative way of worshipping God, in a more informal setting than a traditional church service.  People are seated in groups around small tables, with coffee/tea being freely available throughout the proceedings.  There are still hymns, readings and prayers but usually the service will be more interactive. For example groups may be invited to talk together about a particular Bible passage; there might be opportunity to write prayers or engage in creative activities.  

We will be holding cafe church service in the Wesley Room on 5th June while the works are taking place in the chapel.  

Hope to see you all there.                                                Claire


Property News

The good news this quarter is that we have been offered a very generous grant by the Circuit for the repairs necessary to the south wall where it has been damaged by damp.  Not only that, but financial assistance also towards updating the central heating system, namely replacing the pipework which leaked and caused the damp in the wall.

Stage 1 was the removal of the radiators on the south wall which happened in mid May.  On Wednesday 1st June Stage 2, the removal of the damp affected plaster, will commence and hopefully take no more than three days to complete.  This can only be confirmed as the work proceeds as we cannot be totally sure of the damage until the contractor identifies the total extent.

We will continue with the dehumidifier throughout the summer to draw dampness out of the walls and we may, for a week or two, bring in a more powerful model to speed up the process.  Stage 3 will be the re-plastering in October followed by a period when the plaster must be allowed to dry before the walls are redecorated.

The timing of the replacement of the central heating pipework and refitting of the radiators has not been confirmed at the time of writing.  Once these works have been completed we will clean the carpets and the church itself.


Local News

Occasional lunches  We have decided to have a short break from the Occasional Lunches and will review the position in September.  Meanwhile, the Thursday Coffee mornings will continue as usual, so please do join us for company and a chat.

Bible Study  We are using another in the Cover to Cover series: a study on the Book of Ruth by Elizabeth Rundle.  Meeting fortnightly at the church, dates are being reviewed, see weekly notices.  All are welcome.

House Group  The house group meets at 7.00 usually on the 4th Thursday of the month, at Di Bamber’s house. 

The June meeting (23rd) will be a discussion meeting with the title, "What, in the Bible, puzzles you?" Suggested by Celia, it could be stories, characters, events, timescales, whatever.

July meeting (28th) Claire will give a talk on “Plants of the Bible”, this will be held at Ruth Isaac’s house.

August. No meeting


Saturday 14th May was a gloriously fine day for the “Round the Churches” Walk so ably organised and led by Celia.  Starting at St Mary’s, moving on to St Martin’s then via the woods to Ockham and back to our chapel, road walking was kept to a minimum.  We were well supplied with drinks and cakes at every church stop. (Particular thanks to the home team and to Angel Isaac, for the sandwiches and cakes at our chapel.)  Numbers peaked at 25 and 11 managed the whole distance – see the photo of boots on our doormat!

This was followed by the Unity Service, devised and led by Claire, and with contributions from all five churches represented, including three of the Anglican clergy.


St Martin’s church have invited us to a musical evening on Saturday 23rd July at 7.00 when Tenors Un Limited will perform a programme of popular classical music entitled “Venice to Vegas”.  Tickets at £13, are available from the churches and Bishopmead Post Office. 


Dates for your Diary


Saturday 4th                 Church Cleaning day (after plastering work!)

Sunday 5th    10.30       Café Church in the Wesley Room

Sunday 12th 3.00-5.00 Tea Party at Warren Farmhouse in aid of Syrian Refugee

                     1.00-8.00pm    Queen’s Birthday Celebration at East Horsley Village Hall and Kingston Meadow

Thursday 16th  7.30     Circuit Meeting at Cranleigh

Thursday 23rd  7.00     House Group meeting at Di Bamber’s

Monday 27th   9.30      Stewards’ Meeting



Sunday 10th   10.30      AFC Sunday

Thursday 14th 7.30      “Shadow” Circuit Meeting at Merrow

Saturday 23rd  7.00      Concert at St Martin’s East Horsley

Sunday 24th     6.30      Circuit Service at Godalming

Thursday 28th  7.00     House Group meeting at Ruth Isaac’s





Weekend 10/11th        Heritage Display

Sunday 11th    6.30       Circuit Service celebration at Woking, Trinity



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