Newsletter - March 2012 to May 2012

Newsletter    March - May 2012

Wesley Room “Open House” Weekend 4/5 Feb

We were so pleased to have so many visitors to our open House Weekend.  On the Saturday, there was a steady stream of friends, neighbours and the curious to see what has resulted from the re-building of the Wesley Room.  It was good to see David and Barbara Coote; both looking so well – David having made a successful recovery from serious surgery 12 months ago.  As ever, the helpers did a remarkable job providing and serving biscuits, cakes and soup at different times of the day.

On the Sunday, we had an excellent family lunch after the morning service.  And, in the evening a Circuit Service, unfortunately attendance was affected by the poor weather forecast.  Darlene ably led the service and Ish Lomax spoke about the opportunities for hospitality open to us during the Olympic season.

Di Bamber has sent the following note:

“Please give my congratulations to all who worked so hard to make the Celebration Weekend so successful.  I have heard from many friends, both in the church and in the villages, just how enjoyable the Open House was.  Many comments were made about the warmth of the welcome, the good food and the feelings of friendship and “family” which they took away with them.  Mission accomplished!”


Family News

It was a great pleasure to see John Lawn again when Bob fetched him from Woodbank to join us at the Coffee Morning.  John played a big part in the planning stages of the new Wesley Room and he was very pleased to see the completion and to meet up with old friends.  John is now resident at Woodbank and taking part in the life there.  He was recently called upon to take a service at the last minute when the preacher didn’t turn up.  I remember when he did the same thing for us at West Horsley, greatly to the relief of the stewards.

After months of disappointment and cancellations, Di Bamber was finally admitted to St George’s Hospital on February 16th and she was operated on the following day.  The operation went well and she is now out of intensive care.  We hope and pray that she will make a good recovery and will soon be back with us; she has been greatly missed.

Renee has made a courageous decision to take up residence at Lime Grove.  She has been there for a week’s trial period which she enjoyed very much.  It is typical of Renee that she is not looking back but looking forward to a new phase in her life.  She will be moving at the beginning of March and will be very pleased to receive visitors.

Ruth Isaac

Letter from Darlene

From the Manse

February 2012

Dear All,

As a child I read and re-read the preface of a sewing manual. I loved those words because they promised order out of chaos if only I applied myself to the task.  It taught me the key is a willingness to search for an answer, and to learn.  It is possible to find many of the answers we need, if only we will seek them and not fall into the trap of discarding and starting again when things don’t seem to be working – or the equally bad trap of ignoring the problem.

The Bible of course holds the key to many of life’s questions (not plumbing though).  But even then I have often found that Scripture has come more alive for me thanks to what I have read in other books – especially commentaries, study groups and courses (such as the Lent groups).  And last week I stumbled upon two (for me) helpful gems, the first, an Enneagram course led by the Guildford Town Centre Chaplain, Rod Boreham, and the other a book: The discipline of Grace, God’s Role and Our role in the Pursuit of Holiness by Jerry Bridge.  Both centred around relationship, which I consider to be the foundation of life as a disciple.

Having trained in personnel I understood the value of personality test as a tool for understanding behaviour by understanding what motivates and stresses us, particularly in a group environment such as the workplace.  But Rod showed us a potential for using them in our spiritual and church life – our relationships with God and others.

And one of the many excellent reflections I gained from Jerry’s book is: “Every day of our Christian experience should be a day of relating to God on the basis of His grace alone.”

The heart of God is grace, mercy – love.  Not the shallow love of ‘being nice’ or of being a doormat for others, but the deeper love of a parent who lets their child go, lets it make its own mistakes and helps (not ‘fixes’) when help is asked for – a parent who gives their child the freedom to choose their own lives.  Even though that freedom may hold great danger.

Being a Christian is about ‘heart wisdom’ (Jeremiah 31:31-34, from the Covenant Service). It is easy to learn the ‘rules’ but only the heart, in relationship with God, will enable us to live by them correctly.

There is a secular expression of morality I am very fond of: ‘because it’s the right thing to do’.  This Lent, Easter and Pentecost, focusing on the relationship of love behind the events, I pray that God will give us ‘heart wisdom’ that we truly know what is the right thing to do.

Have a blessed Easter,



New Hymn Book – Singing the Faith

I hope you are enjoying trying out some new hymns from the new books – purchased with some of the money so kindly donated by Molly Denew.  Also, not having to use separate bits of paper to sing some of our favourites.


We have just about broken even on the building project, thanks to all the donations, large and small, from so many people and to the grants that we have obtained.  We have decided to stop fundraising for the re-build and can now think of others.  We agreed on “Help for Heroes” for the next 6 months, and MRDF; as well as our regular support for AFC.  The collection at the Circuit service raised £93.15 for Help for Heroes and we are suggesting that, as the Smarties tubes are replenished, the 20ps should also go to the same fund.

On 11th March, the end of Fairtrade Fortnight, we will have a soup and pancake lunch to raise money for MRDF.  We hope to have some Fairtrade goods for sale.  The collection at our Songs of Praise evening, 21st April, will also be for MRDF.


Circuit News

Alan Thorpe and Marie Greenwood are both moving in August and have been successfully matched to new circuits in the stationing process.  Alan will be going to North Kent and Marie to Cleethorpes.  Please remember them in your prayers, as they finish their time with us and anticipate the future.

Fusion Meetings are held on Wednesdays, 7.30/8.00 – 9.15 at Guildford Church.  Meet for fellowship with a varied programme of interest for all:

Dates are 14 and 28 March, 25 April, and 9 and 23 May.

Sunday Evening Services – on 11th March there will be a meeting for prayer here at West Horsley at 6.30 and a Circuit Service at Merrow at 6.30 on 27th May when we will celebrate the 60 years’ service as local preachers by Kath Benny and Ken Mills.

Circuit Merger – we are exploring the advantages of merging with neighbouring Woking and Walton Circuit at a joint meeting of the two circuit leadership teams on Saturday 25th Feb and will report back to our Circuit Meeting on 15th March.


Churches Together in Horsley & Ockham


The Lent Lunch will take place on Saturday 25 Feb in East Horsley Village Hall from 12.15 – 2.15.  There will be a collection for “Mary’s Meals”, an international movement to set up school feeding projects in communities where poverty and hunger prevent children from gaining an education.

The 2012 Lent course is entitled “HANDING ON THE TORCH - Sacred words for a secular world”.  This will explore some of the reasons why Christianity in the West struggles to grow, and even to survive, while in Asia it continues to grow at an immense pace.  The sessions are entitled: A Christian Country? A Secular Society?. A Beleaguered Church? Competing Creeds? And Handing on the Torch.

It is not too late to join a group to follow this course .

The Women’s World Day of Prayer Service has been prepared by women from Malaysia.  The service will be led by our friends from St Alphage and celebrated in St Martin’s church, East Horsley at 2.00 on Friday 2 March.

CTIHO will be organising a 50s tea tent at the Jubilee Fair, to be held on 5th June at Horsley Park – watch this space for requests for help!




Lord, during this season of Lent, through the presence of your loving spirit, help us to grow in spiritual devotion and self discipline. May we find new depth in our prayers and learn to depend ever more on your guidance, power and love.


Heavenly Father – on this Easter Day may we give thanks and rejoice for our Faith, our families and our friends. If there are areas of our lives not pleasing to you, help us to leave them behind and start afresh with your saving Grace and Power.


Lord we thank you for the positive benefits of the Internet connection and may the growing outreach of Christian teaching and information on it, prove to be a beneficial aspect for the Church.


And, a Prayer for Syria from the Methodist Church website

Images of the escalating violence in Syria are all over our television screens, in our newspapers and across the websites we visit. At times such as this, one of the few things we can do is pray.

Dear Lord,

Our hearts grieve as we witness the escalating violence and needless deaths in Syria.  We identify with the sorrow of all Syrians who now see their country riven with conflict and the potential for increasing animosity between parties.

We pray for a speedy resolution to the political crisis and for a realisation by the Syrian Government that people’s aspirations for a stake in how and by whom they are governed will not go away.

Lord, may Christians, Muslims and all people of faith in Syria unite to build peace and justice for all.  May all parties realise the futility of violence, the right of peaceful protest and the need to protect civilian life in all circumstances.

We pray in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, the author of peace, to whom all hearts are known,  


Items from the Connexion

More Than Gold

The Methodist Church is a sponsor of More Than Gold, which was set up as a one-stop-shop to help churches make the most of the Olympic and Paralympic Games through programmes of outreach, hospitality and service.  We are considering holding a Sports Quiz on 22/23 June, and also offering refreshments on the days that the Olympic Cycle race goes through West Horsley, 28/29 July.


The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (in cinemas 24 Feb) is (apparently) 'a delightful and stimulating movie that features a wonderful collection of much loved British actors'.  It tells the story of a group of British pensioners who move to a hotel for “the elderly and beautiful” in Jaipur, India.  The Damaris Trust is offering free resources to help groups consider the life issues highlighted in the film.


No one's too Small to Make a Difference

Iota is a multi-media course from MRDF for small groups. It champions the truth that no one is too small to make a difference, and seeks to inspire hope and equip action for change at a time when globalisation defines our neighbourhood as bigger than ever before. The resources are free and will soon be available.


Dates for your Diary


Friday 2nd                  2.00    Women’s World Day of Prayer Service at St Martin’s church, East Horsley.

Monday 5th                          Daffodil Day Service at Westminster Methodist Central Hall

Sunday 11th                          Church Lunch

Sunday 11th              6.30    Circuit Prayer Service at West Horsley

Wednesday 14th       7.30    FUSION at Guildford Church – Olde Guildford

Thursday 15th           8.00    Circuit Meeting at West Horsley

Monday 19th              2.00    Bible Study Group – St John’s Gospel

Thursday 22nd          7.00     House Group

Wednesday 28th       7.30    FUSION at Guildford Church - Rev Allan Taylor

Thursday 29th                       Soup Lunch


Monday 2nd               2.00    Bible Study Group

Friday 6th                  9.30     Good Friday Service   10.15   Good Friday Service at East Horsley shops

Monday 16th             2.00     Bible Study Group

Saturday 21st           7.00     Songs of Praise

Tuesday 24th          10.00    Stewards’ Meeting

Wednesday 25th     7.30     FUSION at Guildford Church

Thursday 26th          7.00     House Group

Saturday 28th          6/6.30    Missions Supper at Godalming – Links with the Gambia

Monday 30th             2.00     Bible Study Group



Saturday 5th            9.30     Safeguarding Training at West Horsley

Sunday 6th                          Chapel Anniversary

Wednesday 9th       7.30     FUSION at Guildford Church

Monday 14th            2.00     Bible Study Group

Sunday 20th                        Christian Aid Sunday

Wednesday 23rd      7.30    FUSION at Guildford Church

Thursday 24th          7.00     House Group

Sunday 27th             6.30     Circuit Service at Merrow

Monday 28th            2.00     Bible Study Group



Tuesday 5th                           Jubilee Fair at Horsley Park

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