Newsletter - June 2012 to August 2012


Newsletter June – August 2012

From the Manse                    May, 2012

Dear All,

 Summer is here! (however briefly!)  And summer is a time of rest and recuperation, which we all certainly need. So much has been achieved and survived over the past year.  We have completed the final of three stages of building renovations, which is certainly a miracle for such a small chapel community, and we have managed to maintain our giving to others.

Much of this has been achieved in the face of marked difficulties such as my frequent absence dealing with situations elsewhere in the circuit, and the sadness of losses in our congregation.  I think of people like John Lawn who has had to step down from his pastoral duties due to health problems and is greatly missed in that role, although he continues to contribute with ideas and suggestions.  Then there are others such as Joan Pratt, Frieda and Renee who, because of health, have not been able to be a part of the activity and celebrations in a way they would have been in the past.

There are so many people involved in the various stages of the project to thank that it would be unfair to specify any one individual, but I would like to pause and remember a few people.  First I would like to remember Mike Chapman and Andrew Harrison, I expect there have been a number of times over the past months when Bob and Keith have remembered past building projects, thought of the enormous help and advice they gave, and sorely missed that help.  I want also to think of Pete and Molly, whose legacies helped to finance our improvements and eased the burden of those like Di and Margaret who were charged with finding grants, and also of those who gave so generously and usually anonymously.  The other person I would like to remember is Geoff Wheatley, because of the prayer support he and Doris have always given us around whatever we have been involved in as a chapel community.

Thinking of Geoff brings me onto future plans and actions.  However hard we try not to there are always areas which get neglected when we do such a large project, and of course there is the question now of why we have done all this work, made these sacrifices.

This summer I would urge everyone to reflect on the future mission (purpose) of our chapel.

I have a habit of jotting down things I hear that strike a chord with me, and among the bits I have noted lately is this definition of a church without a mission: ‘neither reaches out nor has a presence’.

As we rest from all our recent activity and have a break from all the meetings which will restart in September let us each take time to pray and reflect on what ministry God might be asking of us next – individually within the fellowship and corporately.

To help in this process I want to share some of my thoughts about the needs of the chapel – you may want to add others!

Prayer triplets, partners, and/or small groups – committed to regular prayer for our chapel (starting with our list of need)

Pastoral Visitors - our Pastoral support system always needs reviewing and renewing

Helpers for special events – as well as on-going maintenance.

Organisers willing to take on projects and special events.

Ideas pool. We have a lovely new building and I know some of our members are keen to find new ways to use it for the community that are possible within the limits of our resources.

Now I guess you will be beginning to feel that the summer will be no rest at all!  But time spent resting with God is a rest beyond measure and I do believe reflection and great ideas will be the result.

Have a wonderful and blessed summer whatever the weather!

Yours in Christ,                                                                        Darlene


Geoff Wheatley – 13th February 1920 – 15th May 2012

It is with sadness that we record the death of Geoff Wheatley on May 15th 2012.  Our hearts go out to Geoff’s family and friends and especially to Doris who has shown such courage, love and devotion during the last years of Geoff’s life.  Geoff was a true Christian gentleman. He walked hand in hand with his Lord throughout his life’s journey, sustained by an uncomplicated and unwavering faith and trust in God’s word.  Geoff’s comprehensive knowledge of the Scriptures was remarkable and we were privileged to have him as a member of our Bible Study group.  He was a quiet and modest person, an honourable man whose integrity and decency were an integral part of his being; he was a man who was ready to meet his maker at a moment’s notice.  All this was combined with a lovely smile and sense of humour.  Even when infirmity overtook him, he remained true to himself in spite of his severe limitations; we are told that as he was dying, when communication was almost non-existent, he was overheard singing hymns.  We are truly thankful to have known Geoff and we rejoice in a life well lived which has inspired and encouraged so many people.

“Rejoice for a brother deceased, / Our loss is his infinite gain; /A soul out of prison released, / and freed from its bodily chain; / With songs let us follow his flight, / And mount with his spirit above, / Escaped to the mansions of light, / And lodged in the Eden of love”.


Geoff Wheatley  - A Tribute

Geoff was born in London, in Stockwell, on 13th February 1920.  When he was two the family moved to Cheam where he lived until he and Doris were married in 1956.  He was educated at Ewell Castle School and Sutton Grammar School for Boys.  After his school days ended, he went into the family printing business where he learnt his trade.  At the age of 19 he enlisted in the Royal Army Medical Corps, serving on medical troop ships; during the Italian campaign he was part of the 2nd field hospital ambulance at the time of the Anzio landing.  Being in Palestine at the end of the war in 1945, Geoff was able to visit many places of Biblical interest and he was baptized in the river Jordan on the Day of Pentecost.  At the age of thirteen, he had already committed his life to Christ at a Crusader Camp in Cornwall.  In 1943 the course of his life was influenced by a chance (or should I say providential?) meeting with Phil Johnson under the olive trees in Tunisia.  Both men were still in the army at this time but it was this contact which persuaded Geoff to seek out a Brethren Assembly when he returned to Civvy Street in 1946.  His first meeting was at West Street Hall, Carshalton, where Phil Johnson’s father was preaching; he told Geoff about a new Assembly Hall which was opening nearby and which was in urgent need of helpers.  So began the next stage of Geoff’s life.  Geoff took a Bible Study course to equip him for his life ahead.  He had always wanted to be a missionary but having accepted that this was not to be, he continued in the printing world but the Assembly Hall became his mission field in the ten years that followed.  He looked back on that time as being the most satisfying and fruitful years that he could remember and he never failed to give thanks to the Lord for leading him there.  Geoff gave himself wholeheartedly to this new venture and countless numbers of young people were introduced to Jesus Christ during this time.  Last but not least, it was Geoff’s good fortune to meet Doris at the Assembly Hall and they were married in 1956  After their marriage they moved to Fetcham and it was there that Andrew and Martin were born.  In 1974 they moved to West Horsley where they became a very welcome addition to our fellowship at the Methodist chapel.  In more recent times, one of the great joys in their lives has been the birth of their granddaughter Rebecca, the daughter of Andrew and Anna.

Looking back on his life, Geoff quoted an old hymn:

“All the way our Saviour leads us; what have we to ask beside? Can we doubt His tender mercy, Who through life has been our guide?”

 Family News

First of all, we congratulate Elsie Wilton who celebrated her 101st birthday on 17th April which was also the chapel’s 136th birthday.  It is always uplifting to see Elsie in her usual place on a Sunday morning.

We have further good news from Jean Warman and Jane Francis.  Hard though it is to believe, Jean has become a great grandmother on the birth of Amelie.  Jane, who already has five granddaughters, now has her first grandson on the birth of Stanley George.  Congratulations and best wishes to both families.

A year ago, Jenny Rogers adopted a troubled and aggressive rescue dog with a nervous disposition and a tendency to bite everyone in sight. Jenny and Katrine (our expert dog trainer) went through challenging times with Sammy, but they persevered and never gave up.  One year on, Sammy has been awarded a silver cup for the best rescue dog.  What an achievement!

It has been good to have John and Ruth Lawn with us at the Thursday coffee morning; their son Ben, who is currently at Southampton University, has been awarded a Gold Medal in Martial Arts; unfortunately, he sustained an ankle injury in the process which is still causing anxiety.  We wish him well and congratulate him on his achievements. Laura is returning from the Cameroons where she has been working as a volunteer in a hospital.  It has been a pleasure also to have Frieda back with us, she says that it feels like coming home.

Renee is settling in at Lime Grove and is grateful to all who have dropped in to visit her.  There is no need to give her notice in advance, so do stop and see her when you are passing by.

Our best wishes to Di who, once again, suffered a disappointing set-back on her road to recovery when her leg gave way and her ankle was broken; with her indomitable spirit, Di remains cheerful and optimistic during this tedious time of immobility.

Our ongoing thanks to Liz and Ted for all their hard work and dedication to garden design and maintenance.  If you look through the back windows of the Wesley room you will see that we now have a back garden.  Ted has prepared and planted an attractive flower bed in front of the laurel hedge.

Occasional Lunch

We will be having another of our occasional lunches after the coffee morning on Thursday,23rd August.  It will probably be a “Ploughman’s” followed by puds – do put the date in your diary.


Liz found this poem in her aunt’s collection of paper cuttings

The Cure

I go to see the doc one day and say to him: “Oh by the way, I cannot bend, my shoes to tie, and the stiffness in my thigh makes it hard to leave my bed, and my arms won’t go above my head.”

He looks at me with a little grin and says: “My, what a state you’re in, but what you say gives me a clue exactly what is wrong with you.”

Then, out he spouts a Latin name Encyclopaedia Britannica sounds the same.

“To confirm this ailment it is best for you to give some blood to test.”

My blood they take, with just one tweak, and back again I go next week.  He says with a smile: “Just as I thought Polymyalgia Rheumatica.”  I am fraught - “Is Polymy-whatsit hard to cure? I don’t like it, that’s for sure.”

A course of steroids do the trick and I stop feeling weak and sick, but this treatment has been known to cause the thinning of the bone, so calcium pills I have to take to prevent the tendency to break.

Then, he says by way of conversation: “I’ll keep you under observation.”

So, each month doth come and go then back one day he says: “Hello – your blood test shows your sugar’s high.”


“What does that mean, doc?” I reply and he responds all sympathetic.

“I’m afraid that means you’re diabetic.

Not only that but, by the by, your cholesterol, too, is high.  But we’ll control it all with pills and diet. Are you still there? My, you are quiet! Now to stop you getting any fatter go to the clinic, have a natter.”

So then I’m interviewed and weighed and the nurse starts saying; “I’m afraid ……”

I shout: “Say no more, my goodness nurse, things seem to go from bad to worse!”

She says: “Come on now, do not fret, you’re not the worst case that I’ve met. We do our best and give you pills to make you better – ease your ills, and ease your misery and pain. But you’ll no doubt be back again because there’s never any guarantee – don’t forget you’re 83.”

Then, as I go towards the door, she says: “I’ll bet you make it to 84!”

That is comforting to know – I’ve only got two weeks to go!!!




Wider News

Alan Thorpe, Marie Greenwood and Paul Dean are all moving in August and we wish them well in their new ministries.  Paul Hulme and Asif Das will be joining us in September and their welcome service will be held at Godalming on Sunday 9th September; more details nearer the time.

Olympic Prayer relay - Churches are being encouraged to join in a ‘cascade of prayer and praise’ during the 70 days of the Olympic Torch Relay that started Saturday 19 May.

Jane Holloway, chair of More Than Gold’s prayer team says, "The Olympic torch journey will pass through over 1,000 communities. We would like it to inspire a cascade of prayer and praise – with individuals and churches taking time to pray, alone and together, as it travels through their area."

To help churches and their members seize the opportunity, More Than Gold have produced a free guide, available from 

It also has ideas and links to suggested day-by-day prayer topics.


The theme of this year’s Diocesan Summer School is “Your Kingdom Come” from 2nd – 12th July.  There are talks and events at various locations around Guildford.  See the booklet and form on the notice board.


Recycling - Guildford Borough has increased the range of items that can be recycled to include yoghurt pots, food trays (meat containers fruit and veg containers, cooked meats and fish containers), and ice cream and margarine tubs.  Also carrier bags, straws and bottle caps (plastic and metal), Tetra-pack foil lined drinks cartons and clean, dry aluminium foil.  All these can be put in the green boxes, or purple sacks, together with glass bottles and jars, cans, tins, and plastic bottles, and jars, cans, tins and plastic bottles.


Free Insulation - Action Surrey, in partnership with our local authority, is now able to offer free insulation for all homeowners.  Cavity wall and loft insulation can save in excess of £300 a year in energy bills as well as making your house more comfortable to live in. 

Contact Action Surrey for a free, no obligation survey of your property: Tel: 0800 783 2503, or


A brand new app offering a daily Bible study, as well as all the latest news from the Methodist  Church is now available on all mobile devices.  For any current device, including Blackberry phones, the app can be downloaded free through a web browser at  It’s also available free through the App Store and Google Play (for Android devices).  (This is a new app, and users of the original app will need to delete it and install the new one to enjoy all the features available.)

For more details go to and search for “new app”.


Dates for your Diary


Tuesday 5th 2.00 – 9.00  Jubilee Fair at Horsley Park

Wednesday 6th 7.30    FUSION at St Mary’s Quarry Street

Saturday 9th 9.00         Women’s Breakfast at St Martin’s church rooms – Jon Perry, Community Policeman

                          7.00   Quiz at Stoughton

Monday 11th   2.00      Bible Study at Di Bamber’s

Tuesday 12th   7.30     Safeguarding training at Woking Trinity

Saturday 16th 10.00     Safeguarding training at Stoughton

Sunday 17th     6.30     Songs of Praise at Merrow

Wednesday 20th 8.00  Circuit Meeting at Stoughton

Monday 25th   2.00      Bible Study

Thursday 28th 7.00      House Group at Celia’s



Sunday 1st        6.30    Circuit Songs of Praise at Wonersh

Wednesday 4th 7.30    FUSION at Guildford – Peter Youngs – Lost chapels of Guildford

Monday 9th       2.00       Bible Study

Sunday 10th     2.00     Garden Safari organised by St Martin’s church

Saturday 21st   3.00      Strawberry Tea in aid of AFC at 8, Eastgate Gardens

Monday 23rd   2.00      Bible Study

Thursday 26th 7.00      House Group at Celia’s

Saturday 28th 10.00 – 1.00   Chapel open for Men’s Olympic Cycle Race

Sunday 29th   12.00 – 3.00    Chapel open for Women’s Olympic Cycle Race

NB Our service will be in the evening


Monday 6th        2.00      Bible Study

Monday 20th     2.00      Bible Study

Thursday 23rd 12.00    Ploughman’s Lunch in Wesley Room

                        7.00     House Group at Celia’s                 

Party in the Park

at Horsley Park June 5th 2pm – 9pm

Come and join the Party with fun, games and lots of activities provided by local community groups.  There will be a BBQ in the afternoon and a Hog Roast in the evening. 

Don’t forget to visit us in the Churches Together Tea and Dance tent, between 2.00 and 5.00.

The Community bus will be operating for those who really need it or who have no transport.  Going along A246, down The Street, East Lane, Ockham Rd North to Ockham Rd South. Picking up points at current bus stops will have red/white/blue rosettes on signs.


 Olympic Challenge

The challenge is on to hand out over a million free drinks across the country during the Olympic Games as a demonstration of God’s love.


We are planning to set up a water station for spectators during the Olympic cycle races.   On Saturday 28th we will be open from 10.00 to 1.00 and on Sunday 29th July from 12.00 – 3.00. 


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