Newsletter - June 2018 to August 2018

Newsletter May 2018

Minister’s Letter                                                                                             Summer 2018

At last, after a grey damp winter and a late spring, the balmy days of warm sunshine, light breezes and beautifully flowering trees and plants have arrived.  The world has burst into colour and mood and spirit are uplifted!

The psalmist who wrote Psalm 104 perfectly pictures this season and sets out a godly response to this abundance of nature.  The Psalm begins by praising God and describing his magnificence, continuing with an appreciation of the wonders that God has created, for his own and our delight.

Not only has God made all this, but he joyfully maintains it for our benefit.

V14 He makes grass grow for the cattle,

And plants for man to cultivate – bringing forth food from the earth.

There is so much for us all to give thanks for, to appreciate and enjoy. Sadly in these uncertain times we hear many discouraging comments about our world - knife and gun crime among teenagers, aggression between nations, the growing need for foodbanks, the threat plastic waste imposes on our environment – and sometimes these outweigh the essential good in humanity and the wonder and beauty of our planet.

Perhaps we should take heed of the psalmist’s positive approach. The Pentecost initiative “Thy Kingdom Come” encouraged us to pray for five people to come to know the love of Christ in their lives. This is a positive action we can do for the benefit of others. Why don’t we continue not only to pray for them but also give thanks every day for five positive aspects of our daily lives?  Take a moment to be thankful for that cup of tea someone made for you, the glorious colours of the garden flowers, the birthday card your friend sent you, the few minutes quiet you had when you were able to rest, the satisfaction of completing a task you disliked.

We are engaging with the review model “Appreciating Church” which enables us to reflect on the positives in our church life, giving God the glory for all the work done in his name and building on the things we do well.  The autumn will bring changes in the church, with a new minister. This is an opportunity for renewal and rededication, a chance to say joyfully with the psalmist,


I will sing to the Lord all my life:

I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.

May my meditation be pleasing to him

As I rejoice in the Lord. (Psalm 104.33,34)


In Christ



Responding to acts of violence in London

The Chairs of the London District have called on the Mayor of London, the government, civic bodies, churches and the Metropolitan Police to unite in condemning all acts of violence and to work together on finding ways to tackle "this murderous scourge that is threatening the peace and economic stability of our great city".

The Revds Nigel Cowgill, Michaela Youngson and Dr Jongi Zihle also offered this prayer:

O Lord of health and life,

come now in your grace and cover us with your love and protection;

Speak calmness into our fears and heal us from the scourge of pain and death.

Visit your kindness upon all affected by the murders in London and comfort them in their time of need; this we pray and ask,

in the healing name of our risen Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.


Frieda Greenacre

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Frieda.

Although the onset of dementia meant that she became more and more housebound, it was thanks to the devoted support of her son, Nick, and her carer, Ros, that she was able to stay in her own home until near the end of her life.  

Frieda had a long and interesting life.  Born into a loving family in Sheffield, she never forgot her Yorkshire roots or the debt she owed to her splendid parents and how her resourceful mother coped with wartime austerity.  Frieda had many very entertaining and interesting stories to tell of those defining times.  Frieda was highly intelligent and well informed so it was no surprise when she won a scholarship to grammar school.  She later became a teacher in Singapore and it was there that she met and married Les, an oil engineer in the Navy.  These were very happy years, as were the times when they moved to West Horsley and brought up a fine family of boys, Richard, Michael and Nick.  Subsequently, Frieda took great joy in her grandchildren and became a much loved and respected matriarch.  

Frieda’s teaching career continued when for many years she taught Religious Studies at the Howard of Effingham School and she also became a very popular lecturer in Philosophy and World Religions for the U3A.  Frieda’s Methodist roots were all important to her and she was .an integral part of West Horsley chapel; with her gifts of singing, acting and teaching, and her Christian commitment, she was the very person to influence young lives when she took charge of the Senior group in what was then a flourishing Sunday School  There are those who were her pupils at that time who recall what fun they had and what they learnt from her example.  It is a tribute to Frieda that some went on to become members of the Methodist Church.  

We shall remember Frieda as a very special friend and it has been a privilege to have known her.

She was always cheerful, gracious and full of fun, putting the needs of others before herself.  We send our heartfelt sympathy to Richard, Michael and Nick and their extended families who were so dear to Frieda and Les.


P.S.  Frieda introduced us to the poem by Jenny Joseph “When I am an old woman I shall wear purple” which seems to sum up her sense of fun.


Cecilia Patricia Hughes - “Cissy”

The death of Cissy Hughes is a great loss to our coffee morning and we miss her good company and her unfailing presence with us.  Cissy died in hospital on 14th March where, despite being critically ill, she was able to celebrate her 90th birthday with her children, Lesley, Tony and John and their partners, at her side.  

Cissy grew up in Singapore in a large and privileged family, her father holding an important position, and mixed with the great and the good; she became a distinguished sportswoman and continued to play tennis until late in her eighties.  

Her life changed dramatically following the Japanese invasion; she learned to speak Japanese and in later years a Japanese student turned up at our coffee morning to find herself spoken to in her own language.  

Cissy met her husband, Ron, when he was stationed in Singapore with the Royal Engineers.  Ron had previously purchased a plot of land in West Horsley where he also designed the beautiful house and garden where they lived for the rest of their lives.  With her great interest in scouting, Cissy set up a second village cub pack; she was an Akela from the age of eighteen until she reached the retirement age of sixty-five.  Above all, Cissy was a devout Roman Catholic who will be greatly missed by her own church family at Our Lady of Sorrows as well as her friends at the Methodist church.


Margaret Webb

We are very sorry to learn that Margaret Webb died on Tuesday 15th May; our sympathies go to her family.

Local News

The Bible Study Group is delighted that Claire is leading us again as we study the two letters of John.

House Group meets at Ruth Isaac’s home at 7.00 on the fourth Tuesday of the month.  The next meetings are on 22nd May, 18th June and 24th July.  Claire will be leading the one in July, topics for other dates are still to be arranged.

Occasional lunches.  The next Occasional lunch will be on Thursday 5th July.  Meanwhile, the Thursday Coffee mornings continue weekly, so please come and join us for company and a natter. 

Safeguarding information can be found on the Methodist church website, where the frequent changes are kept up to date.


News from local Churches

Spiritual Cinema is held at St Martin’s, East Horsley, usually on the third Sunday of the month.  A chance to watch and discuss a thought provoking film. 

Tenors UnLimited will be giving another concert at St Martin’s Church, East Horsley at 7.00pm on Saturday 7th July.  Tickets at £15 are available after services from St Martin’s, St Mary’s, All Saints Ockham and from the Bishopmead Post Office.

Everyone is invited to join in these events; more details will be in the weekly notices.



There will be a Churches Together Unity Service at Ockham on Sunday July 1st at 6.00.  This service will also be a celebration for the licensing of Clare Bevan as a lay reader.  Clare will preach on the subject of 'Unity'.  May this be an opportunity to share in what we enjoy as Christians in our community and to meet many of our friends from other congregations.


Circuit News

There will be a Circuit Service led by Local Preachers on Sunday 3rd June at 6.30pm at Merrow Methodist Church.  The service will be exploring the idea that God may be calling us to be a worship leader or preacher and Local Preacher Francis Roberts will be presented with her 25 year long service preacher award.

The Welcome Service for Rev Keith Beckingham and Rev Sydney Samuel Lake, will take place at 6.30pm on Sunday 2nd September at Walton Methodist Church.

Syrian Supper

Mohammed Nazal and Mohammed Shada Ayash, are refugees from Dar’a Syria, living in Jordan.  Come and hear their stories, and how they have been given hope for the future through a training course supported by All We Can, at Walton on Thames’ Syrian Supper on Saturday 21st July at 6pm – tickets £5 from from Claire Hargreaves.

Whitechapel Mission Appeal

Godalming United Church is co-ordinating an appeal to support the Whitechapel Mission with clothing and non-perishable breakfast foods from Thursday 28th June to Tuesday 10th July 2018.

As in previous years, we will arrange to take any donations from this church to Godalming.

Clothing needs to be appropriate for street dwellers and in good condition.  There is a particular need for men’s socks, underwear and trainers, as well as shirts, sweaters, jeans, trousers and outer clothing.

Rucksacks, blankets, sleeping bags, plastic carrier bags and 35mm film canisters (for shampoo) are also urgently needed.

Food items which are also particularly needed are porridge, pepper, Pot Noodles, tea, biscuits, squash, peanut butter, Nutella, baked beans, plum tomatoes, sugar, coffee, honey and instant hot chocolate.

A Short Guide for Readers in Church

Graham Warr and Barrie Tabraham have put together some suggestions for those who are asked to do a reading in church. This is included in the Wey Forward and may provide some tips.  Not that any of our regular team needs any advice!

The Big Read

Linda Weedon is suggesting that we celebrate the second, third and fourth anniversaries of the circuit by reading the entire Bible from cover to cover, one chapter a day.  Commencing on 1 September 2018 this will keep us all busy until 2 December 2021.

So please join her in this long term act of worship.  You will be able to join in from the comfort of your home, at whatever time of the day/evening/night suits your life style and commitments.  You could read the chapter by yourself or with a family member or with a friend.

Circuit Training

The Circuit has purchased some on-line training from a company called iHasco so that people can enhance their skills and make sure that they are aware of best working practices and, in some cases, health and safety regulations.

The courses are generally quite short and they do not need to be completed all in one go.  They are mainly on health and safety issues but also include food safety, hygiene and allergy awareness.  See the current issues of Wey Forward for a full list of topics.

Social Media Training

Saturday 9th June, 2pm — 5.30pm at Merrow Methodist Church.

Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay, so come and find out how you can use it to the best advantage for our church.  The Connexional Team’s Digital Media Team will help you make sense of it all with useful tips and pointers with a presentation and Q & A session.

To book your place please contact Sue Howson, Circuit Administrator, or 07808 046451

Organists Philip Beastall has agreed to fix a date for a first session with organists and pianists who would like to train as organists.


Connexional News

2018 Methodist Conference

The Conference is the governing body of the Methodist Church. It meets annually to discuss matters affecting the life of the Church, the nation and the world.  This year it meets in Nottingham between Thursday 28 June and Thursday 5 July.  

The incoming President for 2018/19 is the Revd Michaela Youngson, currently one of the Chairs of the London District.

Dates for your Diary


Tuesday 22nd     7.00              House Group


Sunday 3rd         6.30              Circuit Service at Merrow

Monday 4th       2.00              Bible Study Group in the Wesley Room

Saturday 9th   2.00-5.30         Social Media Training at Merrow

Monday 18th     2.00              Bible Study Group in the Wesley Room

Tuesday 26th     7.00              House Group


Sunday 1st         6.00              Unity Service at All Saints, Ockham

Monday 2nd      2.00               Bible Study Group in the Wesley Room

Thursday 5th    12.15              Occasional Lunch

Saturday 7th      7.00pm         Tenors Unlimited concert at St Martin’s, East Horsley

Monday 16th     2.00              Bible Study Group in the Wesley Room

Saturday 21st    6.00               Syrian Supper at Walton

Tuesday 24th    7.00               House Group – Claire Hragreaves

Monday 30th    2.00               Bible Study Group in the Wesley Room


IMG_1050Sunday 2nd       6.30               Circuit Welcome Service for Rev Keith Beckingham and Rev Sydney Samuel Lake at Walton



Syrian Refugees


Mohammed Nazal and Mohammed Shada Ayash, are refugees from Dar’a Syria, living in Jordan.  Hear their stories at the Syrian Supper on 21st July.





Praying for Syria

In response to the recent events in Syria, The President and Vice-President of the Conference have offered this prayer...

Compassionate God, who cares for every created being, having even numbered the hairs on our heads, we pray now for each person in Syria. In these dark days, may decisions be made that honour the sanctity of life created by you.  May wise and far-sighted counsel prevail that seeks the well-being of all humanity.

Prince of Peace. we open our hearts to you and confess our willingness to seek easy responses that require others to pay a hard price.  We open our reason to you and pledge our commitment to hear your words of compassion and peace.

Lover of Concord, let your love shine through those who bring aid and solace in the land of Syria, those who choose between violence and peace, those who influence opinions in words and tweets.

Creator God, hear our cry and help us to work together to seek peace and pursue it.  Amen.


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